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New HOPE Publication!

HOPE has a new publication up in the Journal of Prison Education and Reentry, written by Dr. Theresa Ochoa (HOPE's executive director), Dr. Niki Weller (Logansport's Site Coordinator and Research Affiliate), and Dr. Molly Riddle (HOPE Research Affiliate).

The publication is titled Undergraduate Students as Job Mentors to Support Youth Transitioning from Incarceration and describe HOPE’s mission, principles and components, underscoring how undergraduates are prepared and serve as positive role models to incarcerated youth during and after confinement to improve community reentry.

If you're interested in reading the article you can find it here: Ochoa, Weller, Riddle, 2019.

Congratulations to Theresa, Niki, and Molly for successfully publishing this article and thank you for your dedication to HOPE's cause!

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