Third Annual Dress Your Best!

On October 18th, the third annual Dress Your Best event was hosted by HOPE Mentoring at the Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility. Thirteen young men, dressed in new suits, strutted down the runway in front of their peers while music was pumping and snapshots were being taken.

The event was attended by the HOPE leadership team, along with HOPE mentors, facility staff, and members of the community.

As the students walked down, two HOPE mentors, Tim Stanton and Amanda Johnson read a short description of each student’s interests, skills, and goals. They were also greeted by a member of the HOPE leadership team, Nikki Brown, who shook each student’s hand and gave them a certificate of recognition for participating in the event.

After the fashion show, the director of HOPE, Dr. Theresa Ochoa, facilitated an inspiring discussion about HOPE, employment, goals, and self-worth. The students participated in the discussion and shared their future plans which included professions such as: marine, professor, engineer, business owner, veterinarian, etc.

The young men who participated, stated that wearing a suit made them feel “grateful”, “worth something,” and “like a boss.” They were also provided with dress shoes and silly dress socks that incorporated fun characters like flamingos, cheeseburgers, bananas, and cartoon characters.

Each young man who participated will be able to take the suits home and wear them to job interviews or other formal events. During this event, students were given the opportunity to practice a strong handshake, eye contact, and professional skills. By the end of the event, they had a heightened sense of confidence and lifted spirits.

We are all looking forward to next year!

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