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Dress Your Best - Stepping Out in Style

On October 29th, HOPE Mentoring hosted the second annual Dress Your Best event at Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility. At the fashion show, nine students walked down the runway to show off their new suit to their peers in the audience.

As the students walked, Derek Grubbs, Director of Juvenile Education, read each student's education and career interests and goals to the audience. The young men wore masks to protect their identity, showcase their creativity, and thank HOPE Mentoring.

For some students, this was their first time wearing a business suit. Each student practiced professional handshakes and eye contact. Before walking the runway, the youth participants discussed with HOPE mentors prior work experience and job interview skills.

The students expressed sincere gratitude and joy during the Dress Your Best event, and they can't wait for the next event!

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