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HOPE/Law and Disorder Gala

On December 6th, HOPE Mentoring partnered with another IU student organization, Law and Disorder, for a fundraiser gala. Law and Disorder is a undergraduate journal published by and for undergraduate students who write on the topic of disorder as it pertains to the law. The journal has featured student poetry from juveniles in the HOPE program in recent editions, and article topics often include scholarship related to incarcerated juveniles.

For the event, HOPE brought together community members, HOPE mentors, and L&D editors for desserts, coffee, and conversation about the work each organization has been doing. Special guests included Rick Rosales, the IDOC Mentor and Community Engagement Director; Dennis Groth, the IU Provost for Undergraduate Engagement; Jocelyn Bowie, one of L&D's earliest supporters; and a special guests and student mentee who joined us to share her published poetry.

It was a beautiful event that helped raise funds to support HOPE and L&D in the coming year. We greatly appreciate everyone who helped with event or joined as guests and hope you enjoy the photos!

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