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The First Cookie Baking Workshop

HOPE Mentoring was excited to partner with Crumble Coffee and Bakery this October for our first ever cookie baking Stepping-Out workshop. Alongside Crumble owner, Laura Noell, HOPE worked with seven students to bake snickerdoodle cookies and compete to create the most delicious cookie of their own invention!

The students worked in teams, following directions closely to make their snickerdoodle cookies together. As you can see from the photos, they were enormous, but delicious! Afterward, each team chose from two cookie dough options and a wide assortment of mix-ins to design their own cookie.

The winning team named their cookie "Chocolate Thunder", which was a fitting choice for this super sweet treat. In addition to learning practical baking skills, Laura talked with the students about their career ambitions and how baking can be an incredible skill professionally and otherwise. Check out photos from the event below! Want to visit Crumble Coffee and Bakery? You can visit them in Bloomington, Indiana or at their website.

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