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Dress for Success - A Logansport Hit

On October 30, HOPE Mentoring held its first Dress for Success workshop at the Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility. There were ten students involved and each did a fantastic job modeling the business attire they picked out for the show.

To their own song, each student walked down the runway (twice) strutting their stuff for the other students in the audience while facts about their career goals and personal interests were read aloud. The young men decorated masks with "HOPE" written across it to protect their identities for press, which allowed them to showcase their creativity as well.

It was a super exciting event that made it into the newspaper! Check out the link to the full story, as published in the Pharos Tribune: .

It was a hit with the students, one of whom captured the mission of the event well, saying "“When you put the suit on, you felt important, like you have a place in the world." We can't wait for the next business fashion show.

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