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HOPE Mentoring Wraps Up the Year

On April 29th, the HOPE Mentoring team met for their end-of-year celebration on Indiana University's campus. Over bagels and coffee, the mentors discussed their challenges and successes of the year and how they learned to build a relationship with their mentee. We also talked about other upcoming projects, like the third College and Career fair at the Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility, a Dress for Success fashion show in the works for Logansport JCF, and our exciting international trip planned in Norway for May 2018.

We had an amazing year of growth and cannot thank our mentors enough for their dedication to our juveniles and the work they do each week to guide them toward success. We could not do it without all you mentors, or without the team of community members and facility staff who have helped us implement our mentoring and workshops for the young men and women who occupy our correctional facilities!

We are excited to spend the summer developing and planning for next year. If you're interested in mentoring during the 2017-2018 school year, please find a volunteer application on our website or get in touch with the Mentoring Director, Sarah Swank, at

Stef, getting her certificate for completing mentor training!

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