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College and Career Fair Success!!

This past October, the Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility hosted their second College and Career Fair for all the girls. It was another huge success, with more than 15 community members coming to represent different vocational and educational opportunities. There were reps from Ivy Tech and IU, as well as people to talk about cosmetology, journalism, the food industry, the Army, veterinary school, and a host of other fields.

Two IU students also hosted a College Q&A session to answer any questions the girls had about college, and they had some AMAZING questions. Food, dorm life, scheduling classes, working during college, financial aid, time management, admissions, and just about every other topic were discussed in the three groups.

This year we also saw some great creative touches, as the girls decorated pumpkins and made thank you cards for each of the participants to take home. The feedback from girls and participants were equally positive. Check out the pictures below for a glimpse at this awesome day. (Faces have been blurred to protect the privacy of the girls).

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