A Visit to Hanover College: The Fall Activity Fair

HOPE Mentoring is pairing with the LIGHT organization at Hanover College this year, so they met up at the fall Activity Fair at Hanover to recruit new members.

LIGHT and HOPE both work in the Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility, planning activities for the girls that help them improve their social skills, build positive relationships with the volunteers and other girls, and to inspire hope and excitement about their futures. LIGHT brings their volunteers together on Friday nights for weekly group activities with the girls, while HOPE pairs college mentors with girls for one-on-one activities that are more individually goal-oriented.

As we recruit members this year, we hope to see crossover in volunteers who participate in both programs, and are excited to have new partners in our work at Madison!

If you, or any college student you know, are interested in HOPE or LIGHT, let us know! You can contact Sarah Swank (in the blue dress, with HOPE) at sarahdswank@gmail.com or contact the HOPE staff through our webpage. Jacie Minnick, (black t-shirt, with LIGHT) works at Madison and helps coordinate LIGHT's involvement at the facility. She can be reached at JMinnick@idoc.in.gov.

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