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Our #keepinghope Campaign

Our face-to-face mentoring sessions have been put on pause indefinitely as Indiana tries to get a handle on the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To ensure our mentees still receive some sort of mentoring services during their time in corrections, more important now than ever, we are transitioning back to old-fashion letters. Our goal is to send mentees weekly letters from their mentors, but also from community members. We'd love it if you would join us in writing to our youth and reminding them that they are not forgotten!

Write & submit your letter (or letters) online

HOPE will collect the letters and send them on a weekly basis

Students will receive and enjoy their special letters!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I write multiple letters? 

Yes! We would love for you to write multiple letters. You can write multiple letters within one week or write a few letters each week until mentors are permitted to return to the facilities. 


2. Who will receive the letter?

HOPE will work with the facility staff to identify students in need of extra support from their community each week in hopes that every student in all 3 juvenile facilities in Indiana will receive a letter throughout the Keeping HOPE Campaign. HOPE mentees will receive cards from their mentors. 


3. What should I write about?

We encourage you to write about how you are thinking of them, what coping skills you have found useful given the changes and transitions in your life, how you are honoring your feelings while remaining positive, and how to respond to challenges. Our goal with the cards is to remind students that they are cared for and believed in. We want the card to help instill a sense of hope that this difficult situation is only temporary and HOPE remains committed to supporting them.


4. To whom do I address the letter? 

You can write to either a student or a staff member (one per letter, please.) As students receiving letters will be chosen by the facility staff upon receipt, there’s no need to address your letter to anyone specifically. Remember that the individual could be male or female, so keep your encouragement gender-neutral! Mentors can address their letters to their mentees.


5. Will I receive a letter from the student?

At this time, students cannot write back to their mentors or community members. Please trust that they are thankful for the support and encouragement. 


6. How long can my letter be?

That is up to you! We have received letters for students and facility staff as short as 50 words and as long as 200 words. 


7. How will I know the student received my letter?

Letters are mailed out weekly, every Friday, and typically arrive at the facility by Wednesday the following week. The Facility notifies us when the letters are received but we are not able to notify individuals about the delivery or recipient of your letter. 

Write a letter to a teen in correction - we'll make sure one of our youths receives it!
Your contact information will not be shared with the recipient of your letter. It will only be used by HOPE staff to contact you in regard to your submission.

Your letter has been submitted! Thank you!

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